Posted by: Stochasticus Weber | November 29, 2008

You Want to Sustain the World As It Is, Do You?

We are pleased with our world, we who live in the so-called developed world of the West, the North (whatever you want to call it). . . At least, those of us lucky enough to have benefit of the affluent parts of the world are pleased. (How pleased with their world are others, Darfurians, for example, Haitians, Bangladeshis, or, for that matter, residents of certain neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C.?) Envisaging a different way of life (quality and content) strains the imagination. A pioneering undertaking is now required of us, to set out from our hedged and protected lives, striking into the unfamiliar, threatening  territory of simplified living and balanced use of a fair portion of the world’s resources.

The enterprise will not be easy but it is unavoidable. Accumulating environmental evidence and current economical developments (Fall, 2008) notify us that time has come; room for negotiation and compromise diminishes. It remains to us only to ask, what truly must we become and what must we go through to get there?


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