Posted by: Stochasticus Weber | January 17, 2010

Environment America: Start Water Improvement with the Chesapeake Bay

Environment America has announced a new initiative regarding one of our nation’s especially productive waterways. In the latest issue of E.A.’s newsletter, executive director Margie Alt has written,

A recent investigation by The New York Times found a wealth of problems with our water, including 62 million Americans exposed to drinking water that fails to meet health guidelines.

To remedy these problems, we need tougher enforcement, money to upgrade sewage plants, and policies to prevent pollution at the source. This year, we’re working on a new initiative for one waterway that could set a national precedent on all these fronts.

That waterway is the Chesapeake Bay, the world’s most biologically productive estuary—home to blue crabs, bald eagles and 350 species of fish.

Yet the Bay is also degraded. Runoff from careless development and industrial-scale chicken farms creates a biological dead zone, spanning as much as one-third of the Bay each summer.

In response, President Obama ordered the EPA to craft a new plan of action for the Bay. We called for tough limits on pollution and penalties to make them stick.

In this context, EA has issued a new report setting out the impact of pollution on those of our fellow citizens who make their living on the Chesapeake Bay.


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