Posted by: Stochasticus Weber | November 2, 2011

Message from US Action regarding military spending impact on civilian civic needs

Our campaign to pressure the Supercommitee to cut Pentagon spending first is working.

Thanks to your support, we’ve built a powerful coalition of more than 36 groups representing labor, people of faith, peace groups, environmental organizations and groups representing human and community needs.1

But the weapons-builders are fighting back. They’re running an expensive media campaign of misleading claims that jobs will be lost and the economy will suffer if we stop spending on the military.2

It’s simply not true. We KNOW that spending on war and weapons is a lousy way to create jobs, especially when compared to better ideas like hiring teachers, paying firefighters or investing in road and bridge repair.3 But with only a few weeks left until the Supercommitee releases its plan, we need to act fast to set the record straight with Congress and the American public.

Will you help us get the truth out in print, by writing a letter to your local newspaper? We’ve got talking points and references to make it simple, and every letter we get published will make a big impact on this debate.

We can’t afford to let the war-mongers have the last word. We’ve gotten some fair and accurate coverage on progressive talk radio, the progressive blogosphere, and even in Wired Magazine.4

But so far, we’re having a hard time breaking in to mainstream newspapers – like the daily paper in Washington. You can help make a difference. Write a letter today that tells your community the truth: Pentagon spending kills jobs. And we’ve got better ideas for an economy that works for the 99%.

Darcy Scott Martin
USAction / TrueMajority


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